Month: October 2015

a place to chronicle the journey back to development

What do you look for?

Job seekers – what are you looking for in a company, team, manager, and career plan? People interviewing – what are you looking for in employees as far as skillset, experience, and potential? If you aren’t satisfied with what you do, or are convinced that  you should be doing something drastically different, how do you switch…
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October 29, 2015 0

Make a move

Keeping with the theme of forward progression: what is keeping you where you are?  Are you happy and satisfied, stuck and miserable, or somewhere in between? Regardless of where you are in your career/life/personal situation, there’s always room for change.  Finding the inspiration may be a combination of having had enough, really wanting something, or…
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October 29, 2015 0

What’s in your workspace?

“The mark of an ordered mind is an ordered desk” – Someone So if that’s true, I’m kinda hosed. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m doing more work at home than I am at work, at least for SQL/BI things, and I want to clean things up.  Besides getting rid of the bills/paper, Jango…
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October 28, 2015 0

Networking at events

I was planning on going to SQLSaturday in Boston a few weeks ago and I was very excited to meet people who are from similar backgrounds and had similar interests.  I can usually get a wall to talk back, but I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve been in a situation like that.…
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October 28, 2015 2

Thank you #SQLFamily

I’ve been involved with development for the last 20 years in some capacity doing anything from answering help desk lines to managing 7 deployments at the same time.  I’ve been in big corps, mid-sized LLC’s and startups in someone’s basement. They all have their benefits and drawbacks, but the place that I have felt most…
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October 27, 2015 0

Teddy Roosevelt is the man

I was listening to my daughter’s marching band director speak to the kids the other night to inspire them not only for the last few competitions of the season, but to challenge them in general.  He had a quote written on the board: Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs,…
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October 22, 2015 0

Giving back to the community

I was hoping to get to SQLSaturday in Boston this weekend, but work stuff kept me home bound.  I’ve been kicking around an idea and wondered if it had any merit. Wouldn’t  it  be interesting to have as one of the seminar sessions at a SQLSaturday something like a “Give Back” event.  Poll some non-profit…
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October 19, 2015 0

An atmosphere of competency

How many times are we faced with this situation:  You’ve got 9 balls up in the air and someone tosses in a few more.  But these are on fire.  And have spikes.  But the severity of the flames and points depend on which person is looking at all of the things you have up int…
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October 17, 2015 0

Think Big, Start Small

Do you smile when you’re working?  Do you have things that you do that give you joy or challenge you? I wasn’t smiling when I was working because to tell the truth, I’m not really doing what I want to be doing.  I’ve made choices based on money and promotion and while it’s helped at home,…
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October 14, 2015 0


I’ve been developing software of some sort for a long time.  Started with html pages when I was still an accountant, posting pictures on the internet so my parents and inlaws could see more of my son right after he was born.  I soon realized that I enjoyed that more than doing bank reconciliations, so…
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October 13, 2015 0