Monthly Archives: December 2015

What to do when you grow up?

So how/when did you know what you wanted to do?  Some people are lucky enough to wander into something that challenges them mentally/emotionally/physically that they jump out of bed in the morning and can’t wait to get to work.

How did you know when you were ‘there’, or is it something else?

It just occurred to me that if you spend all your time looking for the perfect location/job/spot, you won’t learn anything along the way because you’re focused on the golden ring all the time instead of the experiences  you have to get there.

‘The journey is the experience, the result is secondary’ is one quote.  Maybe that’s the thing – don’t look for one specific thing as the end or the success point.  Look to do something worthwhile and challenging every day.  A friend just reminded me that attitude is everything, and if you approach a situation, regardless of the type, with the right attitude, you will come out the other side much better.

I look around at all of these people I admire in the field and wish that I could be them.  Stop wishing and start doing – even if you take a circuitous route to get where you’re driving, it’s still moving.  Sitting in a place, complaining about how everything is wrong won’t get you out of there.  Well, it might if you jump to another job, but you are the same  you, so if similar events happen in the new path, you’re still handling things the same way.

Attitude – you can’t control everything, but at least you can control how you handle and approach things.

Talk it out

If you’re like me, even though you don’t want it to, people’s opinions affect you.  I think I take it to another extreme sometimes and end up beating myself up for it for hours and days.

I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been doing my best lately, probably owing to the fact that BI is a lot more fun to do than HR timesheet approvals, MS Project, and meetings from dawn till dusk.  There are times when you have to do what you have to do in order to keep the lights on, but I’ve been feeling progressively worse because I feel like I’m not in the right job, or even headspace.

I’ve been wanting to talk to my boss about a project I’m working on, but I’ve been letting it snowball because I was nervous about her reaction.  I feel like it’s affecting my team, and that I can’t have.  So I went and talked to her about some of the roadblocks I was up against and we planned our way around it.  She’s been really busy lately because of the amount of work we have coming up, so we haven’t been able to really connect as much as I realize I needed.

Don’t hold onto things so that a small thing becomes a monster.  I was thankfully not letting my attitude in the front door of my house, but it was difficult.  If you have an issue, talk to the person about it, but approach it from an even level.  Don’t come on to strong, or more importantly, too weak.  Get them to see the issue and appeal to them for help.

Made it easier to be at work today and I have accomplished so much already it’s already affecting the team in a positive way.

Good Practice

So if you’re like me and you don’t get to dabble in BI every day, how do  you get anywhere?  I’m trying to move into development again, but there are only so many hours in the day and it’s not all work and study.

In the past, I would begin to dabble in new tech as it came along, dig into it enough to get totally sucked in, and then realize that  yes, I do have a family and I like them.  By the time I made my way back to it, something else would come along.

So how do you focus on your goal of world domination getting to the place that you want to be?  I’m honestly asking people to see what works for them and see who wants to share.

I’ve been just scheduling better.  I think that was the key for me, and something so obvious I don’t understand why I focus on that before.  I bought a little calendar that I carry around that has the week spread across two pages and I focus on when I will do what.  I included time to work on prototypes for BI projects, watching Netflix with my kids, having alone time with the Wifey, and realized that I have a lot of stuff that I do on a regular basis that gets in the way.

So Tuesday night and Thursday AM are when I teach TKD.  So I try to study for my certification exams Tues AM and Thursday night.  I also want to build a prototype uploader for our system at work solely using SSIS and existing stored procs so there is little difference in how something gets into the system.  (Yes, I know there are faster ways of staging it, but I’m just getting things started.)

I think the key is to look at everything you want to accomplish, prioritize it all, and then find the time.  The important part of this whole equation is sticking to the assigned times when you do lay them out and feeling good when you look at all you have accomplished.