Month: January 2016

a place to chronicle the journey back to development

What is happy?

I heard or read the other day that 7 out of 10 people are not happy with their jobs.  Why do people continue in careers, jobs, industries where they aren’t truly happy with what they’re doing? Could be financial – can’t just quit, have a mortgage, debt, school, etc to pay off.  Could be emotional…
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January 30, 2016 0

It’s all in the approach

Ever have one of those days?  Of course, everyone has them.  You get out of bed and say “ugh” automatically when you are coherent enough to know you’re awake and have that first thought of what you have to deal with. Lately I’ve had about 90 of those in a row, and I’m convinced that…
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January 21, 2016 0

Turn it around – the art of seeing the lesson

  Everything we do is an opportunity to learn something.  I thought I knew a lot more than I actually did, so when I was tested on it, I fell on my face.  So do  you let it get to  you and get defensive?  sometimes, but not now. So I’ve decided to do research into…
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January 19, 2016 0