Month: March 2016

a place to chronicle the journey back to development

Questions for established developers

I think that we all have a responsibility to share what we’ve learned with others, if only to save people some headache or time spent having to deal with stuff that we can see now and show people how to avoid.  I’m a big proponent of learning through making mistakes and being challenged, but I…
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March 30, 2016 0

Investigation: Rest vs Soap

I am curious as to what the difference is and what each can be used for so I’m going to turn it into a seminar at some point if I make progress.  I’ve been meaning to research this, so as someone smart told me, teaching something will help you learn faster.  This is not complete,…
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March 14, 2016 0

Sausage Risotto recipe

Posted on Instagram about the risotto and had a few people asked me how I made it. Soon….. Sausage risotto:) A photo posted by @mattcushing on Mar 6, 2016 at 12:51pm PST Here’s how I did it with the ingredients.  It’s easier to do if you measure everything out and get set up. 1 white…
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March 7, 2016 0

Imposing order on chaos

So what do you do when everything is a priority, and everything is an emergency?  In some cases, it’s all you can do to keep your head above water and throw water on everything and rush to the next thing. Problem is, are you tracking what you’re doing?  Are you taking the time to learn…
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March 6, 2016 0