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SQL Summit Post

I’m creating a post that I will update as I go along.

I’ve gotten approval from my company to go for the whole week. ¬†If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that sees the benefits in investing in their employees, be thankful ūüôā

Got the room through the site for the week, we’re flying in Sunday & flying out Friday night (late). ¬†Wife is coming with me and bringing her bestie so they’re going to go exploring while I’m at the conference. ¬†We’re hoping to meet some friends for dinner and go to the airport afterwards.


  1. Look for discounts and sign up before they expire.
  2. Sign up for the First time attendee presentation by Denny Cherry & Assoc¬†link is to the 2017 presentation. ¬†I’ll update more once it takes place.
  3. Use Lyft or the train to get from the airport to downtown. ¬†If you don’t have to rent a car, don’t.

Links to convince them it’s a great opportunity for you AND for them:

New to Pass/Summit links

What do you with you knew when you started in SQL?

I have a request. ¬†I’ve been given the opportunity to teach a course at our local community college on Database Design and Development and they’ve given me room to come up with my own curriculum. ¬†I want to create a balance of theory, practice, quizzes, and projects, but one of the things I feel like I have a great opportunity to do is to pass on some really great knowledge that I’ve picked up over the years.

Please comment below and give me examples of things you wish you knew sooner. ¬†I’d like to put as many tools in my students toolboxes before they get moving. ¬†Feel free to leave advice on teaching in a formal setting, keeping people’s attention and the most important thing….

How do I keep people’s attention if the class if FOUR HOURS LONG?!?!? ¬†Two hour lecture, two hour lab, once a week.

as an example – someone mentioned on twitter that one of the most important things they’ve taught their students is the practice of always writing out a select statement to get the right number of records, THEN changing the select to update/delete, etc so as to not inadvertently have an Oh $#!& moment. ¬†(my apologies, I went back through my feed and couldn’t find the post posted by Brian Hogan)

Professor Cushing

My daughter is going to be a senior in highschool, but for a long time now, she keeps asking “Why aren’t you a teacher?” ¬†Seems she and her friends liked the way I taught them how to roll sushi! ¬†I’ve taught martial arts for years at a time, and I guess people liked the way I did it, because I always got a positive response.

She and I were on our way home one night from her friends, and as we were driving past the local community college, she brought it up again. ¬†My Dad used to work near where I live now and had taught a class for a few semesters, so she wondered why I couldn’t.

“Why not?” I thought the next day. ¬†I wrote to the Chair of the department to ask him about what credentials were needed to teach, and turned out he could grandfather me in as an adjunct because of my work experience. ¬†We had gone back and forth over email for several days, but something clicked because we hit it off and I go to sign the HR paperwork on Monday to teach a Database Design and Development class in the fall.

Psyched/Freaked as hell, should be a lot of work, and a lot of fun. ¬†Wondering if I’ll end up with students who are friends with my kids since some of them are going there. ¬†Anyway, this is a reminder to everyone – you gain nothing by not risking anything. ¬†Granted, I wasn’t risking much with an email, but here we are.

Wow!  Now I have to design my curriculum!!!