August 18, 2015


Be a manager.  You want to manage people.  Get the office with the title on the door.

Yeah, what the hell was I thinking, this is no fun.  It’s not that I mind it, or I’m bad at it, I just realized too late that I really like developing, and I am dying inside a little every time I have to handle an HR issue instead of retooling a stored procedure.

I’m hoping to transition slowly back into a development position, and this is going to chronicle my journey to that end.  The only one standing in my way is me, so lets see how this goes.

So why SQLKohai?  I’ve been studying martial arts for a long time and I like the point of view that some schools have with teachers and students.  The main instructor is Sensei.  A senior student is called a Senpai or Sempai.  A junior student is called Kohai.  Kohai is someone who is learning and in the beginning of their journey.  That’s how I feel about SQL, so that’s why I’m going with that name 🙂

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