ADD – a post about things that I find……squirrel!

My brain has always been a bit of the bouncy type.  I look at new stuff for a while, then bounce to the next thing, then the next, never quite managing to finish anything.  I have always wanted to write a story, but I have never managed to get past the initial idea stage and complete one good story.  Same thing goes with work.  I have a tendency to really not focus as well as I should, and now that I have a team reporting to me, it’s even harder.

I started seeing a therapist recently and started describing some of my frustration and problems, and we quickly narrowed it down to the possibility of having undiagnosed ADD.  Not that I want to label everything, but it’s nice to see that a lot of my self-esteem issues, problems with taking constructive criticism, never finishing things are all symptoms that can be addressed.

No, I don’t think I’ll become the next millionaire now that I know what’s causing some of the problems or that I’m going to automatically going to take something for it, but it’s definitely nice to see that it isn’t just motivation or things along those lines.  Take this account for instance.

I’ve been trying to break back into BI for a while.  I got a new job a few years ago that took me into a senior analyst position, and now I manage a development team, but every 9-12 months like clockwork, I’ll log into my twitter account and start asking everyone how I can be successful, and try to get advice on everything.

Knowing is half the battle – self knowledge is priceless.  Just knowing that there is an obstacle I have to deal with is helping me keep the momentum on what I want – I want to work with data.  How and what and why can happen later, but I have been putting together plans and small pieces have already begun to fall back int place.  I built a small SSIS job that doesn’t do much, but it’s dusting off my skills.  I’ve started playing with PowerBI because it’s taking me down the Self Service BI road I’ve wanted to go.  I’m going to be looking at it more as well as alternatives in the near future and posting things about how my Red Sox data set works with different front ends.

Anyway, so the point of my post is really to write about what I’m doing and what I’m thinking.  I’ll be putting together a more strict schedule for things because I read and have heard that it’s essential for people who can’t organize.  This helped me just write about it, I hope it can help someone else who might be in a similar situation.