BI Shiny stuff

So in my quest to take over the world, I thought I’d start looking at the stuff I had fun with a few years ago – dashboards.  We built something from scratch that had Performance Point dashboards on top, but the lack of flash wasn’t received well.

So I started looking at tools like Tableau, Qlikview, and Dundas.  Playing around with all of that stuff was a lot of fun and something I would like to start taking a look at.  In fact, it’s what i’m going to focus my efforts on – how to get something started that is flashy enough to impress, solid enough to give ROI, and yet doesn’t have a huge price point attached.

Think of it.  How many of us can say we have budget to invest in stuff like this?  For the most part, companies don’t want to invest much into dev, at least most of the companies I have worked for.  I got a lucky opportunity at my previous job to start from the ground up and like all BI projects, had serious ups and downs.  Those are the things that taught me the most actually, but I was nervous about the deliverable.

So here’s my question – how can you put together a decent solution that will add value to your operations but not have a huge initial investment?  I’m going to look at various technologies and approaches and see if I can come up with the ultimate low cost, high benefit solution that won’t involve me spending the money I save on classes or training to get it done.

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