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Goodbye old friend

You know that grumpy old man that yells at you to get off his lawn?  And that protective person that goes after people who are threatening you?  And finally, the one who comes in for a cuddle at the most inconvenient times and usually steps on important parts of you that you’d like to keep…
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November 20, 2017 0

Small steps

I’ve tried to get into an exercise routine forever.  I’ve had some success with things that involve a class or a team, but I’ve never been able to maintain something when it’s just me.  Tried running, tried bodyweight stuff in my house, nothing really stuck.  It wasn’t until I sat down recently and really thought…
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November 17, 2017 2

TSQL Tuesday #96: Folks Who Have Made a Difference

I’m really excited to be participating in this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, the monthly blog party that has been running since 2009. This one was started by Ewald Cress. This is my first post for T-SQL Tuesday, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  I just returned from Pass Summit where I had a…
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November 14, 2017 0

SQLFamily Album additions – PASSSummit 2017

I never realized I was an introvert.  As a kid, I was super quiet, something that concerned my mother, so whenever we’d have company, she would set a rule for me.  I had to pick someone there who was not immediate family, someone I had not engaged in a conversation, and talk with them for…
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November 7, 2017 0

PassSummit 2017 First Timer – Recap & Thoughts

I posted about each day I was at Summit, here are the links to the daily posts – Day 1 |  Day 2  |  Day 3  |  Day 4  |  Day 5 I’ve read a lot of stuff on Pass Summit from previous years, and all of it was helpful.  It was my hope that…
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November 6, 2017 1

PassSummit First Timer – Day 5

Woke up a little earlier than the rest of the week to meet some people for an early breakfast.  The sessions are at slightly different times since there’s no keynote, and there’s no session after the last one ends at 4:45. Got to listen to Andy Leonard for a talk on BIML and SSIS, which…
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November 5, 2017 0

PassSummit First Timer – Day 4

“Good morning girls and boys.  Today’s lesson is all about Volunteering and Making Connections.  Can you all say that with me now?” Went to a lot of great sessions, especially at the end of the day for Effective Report Authoring Using Power BI Desktop with Miguel Llopis and Will Thompson.  Coined a new phrase in…
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November 3, 2017 1

PassSummit First Timer – Day 3

Wednesday was a busy day!  Keynote speaker and guests were all wonderful.  Needed to turn the AC on, but lots of really cool stuff.  Want to see the new SSMS studio, believe they said it’d be released fairly soon.  Looking forward to it looks pretty slick. Some good sessions yesterday, some formal, some informal.  Getting…
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November 2, 2017 0

PassSummit First Timer – Day 2

Finally met some #SQLFamily!!! Posted a tweet about where I was sitting waiting to meet someone and 2 minutes later up walks Cathrine Wilhelmsen to welcome me.  This is what it’s all about – reaching out and making people feel welcome.  She really epitomizes the concept of it too, really warm and nice, made me feel…
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November 1, 2017 0

PassSummit First Timer – Day 1

The plan was to fly out around 1:30 EST to come out to Seattle on Sunday, but got a call from a friend that there were going to be 50mph winds right about then, so United let us change to a 7:45 am flight.  Let me just start by saying, I am not a fan…
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October 31, 2017 0