But it’s a good idea!!!

Today’s post is a quest.  No, there will be no dragon slaying or any such fun.  This is a quest to find out the best way to convince your management team that investing in a Data Warehouse is a good idea.

I see a definite need to be flexible and agile with reporting and customizations on dashboards which is why I want to pull it out of the main transactional system and drop it into a well formatted warehouse that we can build up and build on.

I’ve worked with transactional and data mart systems, so I know the benefit, especially since you can lay the data out the way you want to, but how do I articulate that into $ and time saved for the company while still asking them to invest in the prospect?


  1. Build a small prototype
  2. Put together a presentation about the benefits of DW and separation of reporting from daily ops
  3. Shake a rain stick and magically create money
  4. Put together a master plan for moving the whole honking thing into a DW
  5. Have a company like Pragmatic Works do a Sprint project for us where the end result is a working prototype

I think my misgiving with getting started is that I am not positive what will make the biggest impact, and not overload me with work, or worse – give the work to someone else.  I’m not a developer right now, so I want to not only manage this effort, but do the bulk of the work, but I still have my current job that is making sure I have a roof over my head.

I think the start small approach, and take one small part of it all, and just generate some generic granular reports that can roll things up might be a good start now that I’ve gotten this all written out in front of me.

What do you all think?