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SQL Summit Post

I’m creating a post that I will update as I go along.

I’ve gotten approval from my company to go for the whole week.  If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that sees the benefits in investing in their employees, be thankful 🙂

Got the room through the site for the week, we’re flying in Sunday & flying out Friday night (late).  Wife is coming with me and bringing her bestie so they’re going to go exploring while I’m at the conference.  We’re hoping to meet some friends for dinner and go to the airport afterwards.


  1. Look for discounts and sign up before they expire.
  2. Sign up for the First time attendee presentation by Denny Cherry & Assoc link is to the 2017 presentation.  I’ll update more once it takes place.
  3. Use Lyft or the train to get from the airport to downtown.  If you don’t have to rent a car, don’t.

Links to convince them it’s a great opportunity for you AND for them:

New to Pass/Summit links

My first SQL Sat

The plan is to take the train out of NYC to get to Boston on Saturday morning.  I’d love to get a room and stay Friday night, but its not in the budget so o’dark 30 train it is.

My plan is to somehow make it to the place I time to register and meet up with people and talk over coffee.

So who’s going, where is the best coffee nearby, and does anyone have any suggestions for me on my virgin event?  Looking for advice as well as that one thing you wish you knew for your first event….

A few people have expressed the fact that I should do some volunteering while I’m there.  I’m going to look at train schedules when I get home tonight, I’d like to try to maximize the time I can spend there and not get home too late.  I have a tournament for my daughter at Monmouth Univ on Sunday I’d like to go to and still be conscious for:)

I REALLY want to go to Jes B’s talk on Thursday, but alas, a code deployment is calling, have to stay local.

I’m a huge Red Sox fan, anyone know the fastest easiest cheapest way to Fenway?  Got an authentic Sox cap for my 40th that needs replacing.  Damn thing is about to walk away by itself;).

Giving back to the community

I was hoping to get to SQLSaturday in Boston this weekend, but work stuff kept me home bound.  I’ve been kicking around an idea and wondered if it had any merit.

Wouldn’t  it  be interesting to have as one of the seminar sessions at a SQLSaturday something like a “Give Back” event.  Poll some non-profit organizations that could use some help getting their data together and turn it into a mentoring session for different levels of people attending.  Designate a few people as mentors, and parcel out tasks to people looking for project work to hone their skills working on ‘real’ instead of always having to resort to something at their current work, or Adventureworks/Contoso.

I wouldn’t suggest doing anything significant during that hour except working out who is doing what, and deciding what is to be accomplished and how the best way to go about it is.  Maybe having separate teams and turn it into a competition of sorts, but the end goal is that the deliverable is given to a company/organization that needs a hand and other people get more experience whether it’s in a new technology, or someone gets some PM/Mentoring experience.

This also might be something that already exists that I don’t know about, and if so, please let me know.


I’ve been developing software of some sort for a long time.  Started with html pages when I was still an accountant, posting pictures on the internet so my parents and inlaws could see more of my son right after he was born.  I soon realized that I enjoyed that more than doing bank reconciliations, so I moved into help desk and fast forward to my job as a manager of development.

Over the years, I’ve gone to Tech and BI conferences, but I was really more of an observer at those because they just seemed so big and I was trying to collect as much swag as possible 😉

Over the last year or so, I’ve been more active online again in the SQL community and decided it’s time to put myself out there and start doing more.  I’m going to a local SQL group meeting tomorrow night in Iselin NJ, and to a SQL event in Boston on Saturday.  The significance of Saturday is twofold.  It’s a BI SQLSaturday event, and it’s in my favorite city on the planet. (I’m a huge Boston Red Sox fan even though I was born and raised in NY).  So I’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone – do some networking with the #SQLFamily as well as replacing my old worn out Boston Red Sox hat.

So I’m packing up my business cards, some clothes to change into (driving clothes are not wearable to conferences), and drinking about 5 gallons of coffee before I drive up at 4am from NJ to Boston for the event.  Got some good advice from some really great people, and I hope to see people there!!!