Class Project Ideas

In my attempt to keep up with things, I want to see what others think is important for people entering the workplace to understand when it comes to databases. I’m looking for ideas of how I can keep the class project both applicable and relevant as time goes on.

The purpose of the class project is to give the student experience in several areas. The first priority is to allow the group members to see how a project starts with a vague concept and finishes with a database. They also get first-hand experience working with people they may or may not know. To me, that aspect is key since when they get their first jobs, they won’t get to pick who they work with unless they form their own company. Even then, it’s never that easy.

They will be learning the topics throughout the semester and applying them in the project as they go. The focus of the project is to track TV Show viewings for each member of the group.

There are three stages to the project.

  1. Mission Statement & Objectives
  2. Data modeling & ERP
  3. Physical adaptation of Data Model

Stage 1 is documentation only. They will list out the mission statement provided and come up with objectives they want to accomplish with the project.

Stage 2 submission will be a data model and ERP diagram based on the submission from Stage 1. I devote a class to having the groups review each other’s submissions and give feedback/ask questions. I feel that learning how to give AND receive positive and negative feedback is important, and something that might not be stressed enough.

Stage 3 is the creation of the database. The submission is a series of three scripts. Script 1 is a series of drop/create statements for the tables. Script 2 is inserting data into the tables. Script 3 is a series of Select, Insert, Update, & Delete statements to prove they understand how to translate a question into a statement. Ex: Write a statement that gives the description of the show, viewing time, and how many times it was watched for that time slot.

My thought is to put in some kind of peer review aspect of the project so the students understand that part of their grade is dependent on group participation. Trying to keep people from skating on the coat tails of people who are truly working.

Suggestions welcome!

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