First class is in the books

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First class is in the books

September 13, 2017 Teaching 0

Standing out in the hallway, feeling a little awkward being back on a college campus after so many years.

“Am I prepared?”
“Will they listen?”
“Will they get it?”

Deep breath…..”Let’s roll….”

First 10 minutes or so was a little awkward, going over the syllabus, talking about me, talking about them, talking about the class requirements, etc.  Started bouncing around too much, reined it in.  Deep breaths.  Started slow, asked them about their experiences, found out more about them, used that in making my points as the class went on.
What I learned:

  • Talk to them, not at them.
  • Get them to ask questions, especially the quiet ones.
  • Appreciate ‘that person’ for speaking up repeatedly and then ask “Anyone…except Jane/Jim” and chuckle.
  • Stare at the guy on the phone until he realized you’ve stopped and everyone’s looking at him 🙂  (not have to worry about it going forward now 😉
  • Relax
  • Have Fun
  • Don’t drink your water so quickly, it’ll make you squirm while you lecture
  • Prepare differently – put together more general notes instead of specifics and stick to that list in the order you lay it out.

That’s what I learned from teaching my first class last night.  It’s a Database Design and Development class at the community college right near where I live.  22 people, FOUR HOURS, once a week.  Broke it up to give them breaks (and allow me to pee), and mostly stuck to the agenda in my head.  All of the pages of notes I wrote out sat on the desk, I didn’t even read them.

You really owe it to yourself to find something that you really enjoy doing.  If you are lucky enough, then you’ll never do a day of work.  I have to say, I’m DIGGIN teaching!  Got so fired up when they started discussing and asking questions.  Saw several ‘AHA’ moments and those are the things that make you feel really good.

Had one guy come up after class, we’ll call him G, to ask a few questions after I let them split a few minutes early.

G:      That was a great class, the best four-hour session I’ve had here.
Me:   Wow, that’s great, I’m really happy to hear that!
G:      I’m really interested in the material, but you made it so much easier to understand.  I love the way you get into it, you can tell you really love what you do and that you love teaching.  How long have you been teaching?
Me:   *looking at the clock* Um, about 3hrs and 40 min.  *smiles*
G:       Nice.  How long have you been teaching all together?
Me:   *looking back at the clock*  About 3hrs and 41 min  *smiles*
G:       That was your first class?  No way, that’s awesome!

Had a few other students walk up at that point and ask the same thing.

All:    Can’t wait till next week, Have you done lectures/public speaking before?….

and several other really nice compliments.  Ended up walking out, talking to G after closing everything down.  He’s transferring to my son’s school in the spring and was curious what I thought etc.

G:    Have you thought of teaching more classes?  You should definitely try to do more, we need more people like you here!

Even if I only reach this one kid, I’ll count this semester a success.  You know that teacher that you had for some subject in some school that you still appreciate and think about?  Yeah, that’s who I want to be.

To everyone who is thinking about breaking out of their mold/rut/routine to try something new and scary….


I did, and I’m stoked I did.