Giving back to the community

I was hoping to get to SQLSaturday in Boston this weekend, but work stuff kept me home bound.  I’ve been kicking around an idea and wondered if it had any merit.

Wouldn’t  it  be interesting to have as one of the seminar sessions at a SQLSaturday something like a “Give Back” event.  Poll some non-profit organizations that could use some help getting their data together and turn it into a mentoring session for different levels of people attending.  Designate a few people as mentors, and parcel out tasks to people looking for project work to hone their skills working on ‘real’ instead of always having to resort to something at their current work, or Adventureworks/Contoso.

I wouldn’t suggest doing anything significant during that hour except working out who is doing what, and deciding what is to be accomplished and how the best way to go about it is.  Maybe having separate teams and turn it into a competition of sorts, but the end goal is that the deliverable is given to a company/organization that needs a hand and other people get more experience whether it’s in a new technology, or someone gets some PM/Mentoring experience.

This also might be something that already exists that I don’t know about, and if so, please let me know.