Goodbye old friend

You know that grumpy old man that yells at you to get off his lawn?  And that protective person that goes after people who are threatening you?  And finally, the one who comes in for a cuddle at the most inconvenient times and usually steps on important parts of you that you’d like to keep unstepped on?

Yeah, that was this loveable old bastard, Pluto.

yes, I’m almost 20 lbs and lying on your chest, what of it?

A friend at work was at a conference across town, and coming in from a smoke break, saw a box on the security desk with people crowded around it.  A guard had found a litter of kittens wandering around screaming their heads off because it was 101 degrees outside and they were burning their paws.  The mother had been hit by a car and thankfully, the guard had gotten them all into a box and brought them inside.  My friend took one, but getting home, she and her husband decided they had enough pets already.  (Not sure how many, but it was a lot).  My wife, a certified, card-carrying dog person, had heard the story and something pulled at her.  She went to my friends’ house to ‘just go meet him’ and called a little while later saying she had another passenger on her way back.

We had a dog at the time, and he was very young, so he followed her around and literally became a dog.  He’d fetch, and meet you at the door and other things like that.  Ornery, especially if he didn’t know you, he loved and protected his family well.  He was already fifteen, so we knew that his time was limited, but after bringing him to the vet, they told us it was going to be soon.  He had heart problems and probably wouldn’t last more than a week or two.  She was right, unfortunately.  We couldn’t pick him up because it made him freak out, so we scrambled as to what to do. He finally calmed down and let us get him to the Animerge where I just lost it.

I’m the kind of person who is seen as stoic at times.  Like things like this don’t seem to affect me.  I think I was trying to hold it together for everyone else.  When we walked into the place, I had to go outside I was crying so hard.  Not tears and whimpering.  Full on, screams of panic and despair.  I knew what we were doing was right.  We couldn’t let him just drown, which is what was happening because of his heart failure.  His lungs were slowly filling up with fluid and we couldn’t just sit there and let it happen.  We were easing his passing and making sure he wasn’t in pain anymore.

God, I miss you so much already my friend.  I’m so fortunate that we had so much time together, for us to love you and for you to return it in spades.  I know we saved you, but I think you saved us just as much.