How do you get things done?

Here’s the dilemma of the day.  How do other people get things done?  How do you prioritize?  What should be done in which order?

Finding out I have ADD explains a little as to why I’m always so scattered, but it’s not an excuse as to why things aren’t getting done.  I’m still reading and studying, I only went 6 days between posts, which is keeping to my ‘less than a week between posts’ list item.  I want to get a position where I’m utilizing my people skills in talking to people and helping them design solutions, and then be able to dig into those plans and make them happen. but in order to do that, I need to bring up my skill level.

Do I study more, or try to implement more?  There’s a big part of me that wants to open up SSIS and get to work, but another part of me that knows that if I don’t have a well thought out plan, I’m going to fail.

You know what?  I’m hungry.  That’ll help solve this.  Seriously, I’m going to take my notebook and sketch things out because visual stuff helps me move things along.  And fries, fries help too.  And maybe a vanilla shake.  Okay, I feel better now. 😉

How do you tackle a new idea or issue?  Plan or start typing?