How much do you want it?

I’m asking myself that as I write this at 8am on a Saturday morning.  This week was really busy with deployments, planning, maintenance of some old tools, and about 1000 other things that are related to keeping my department running.  I was up really early all week, staying most nights until around 7 or so – yeah, Honey wasn’t real happy, but she knows why I have to.

I really want to keep my hand in BI, and while they’ve been receptive, we have too many other things I have to handle as the manager of my department to be able to delve into it like I would like to.  So that’s why you find me at my computer at home, looking at how to pull data from multiple sources into a warehouse.  I’m trying new ways and putting together prototypes based on what I think will help my company do more with what we have.

Sure, I’m giving up my free time, but if I want to progress, and get to the point where I’ve got it purring like a kitten and adding value to our offering to clients, then I’m in.  I really enjoy being challenged creatively, trying to come up with something that will help someone do their job more efficiently, or in some cases, allow them to eliminate the manual drudgery so they can use their knowledge and talents for other things related to the deliverables I give them.  (wow, I would have thought deliverables was a word, but it’s okay as a single, not as multiple.  Go figure)

I am a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and I teach a few students now, but when I was getting ready for my test, everytime I would hit an obstacle, or be tired or not want to do any more pushups, someone would ask me that question.  It would make me really think about it and get back to what I needed to be doing.

So the point of my article is this – How much do you want something?  How important is it to you?  That’s the question you need to ask yourself at night when you’re setting the alarm for 6am instead of 8am so you can get some work done, or go for a run, or just sit and meditate.  It’s not something anyone else can do for you, it’s your life, your path.  Take the steps and keep moving because if you don’t you can’t blame someone else for it not happening.

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