“It Depends”

How many of us have been faced with that question from a business person or a manager where you know they want a definitive answer, but the only thing you can give them is “It Depends”?

It’s such a great phrase, but why do we use it?  Well, lets be real, in some cases you’re using it so  you can cover your ass!  A lot of those questions that you get are pretty loaded ones, the kind where you’ll end up with a boatload of work that wasn’t supposed to be yours in the first place.  Why do people look at us so strangely when we answer this way?  You have to have answered this way at least once to get it.

But think about the phrase.  It’s a pretty cool one if you think about it.  I want to somehow move back into development.  How can I do that?  It depends.  Yeah, it depends on me, it depends on how I plan, act, react, and plod forward.  People make fun of Shia Lebouf for the “Do It” video, but he’s right.  I have spun my wheels long enough and am making strides forward, but it depends on me to keep the forward momentum going.

It depends on others as well.  I’ve gotten some really good advice, and found out a lot about myself because of interacting with others.  I always knew that I was a good problem solver, I didn’t realize how much I relied on other people’s expertise to get it done.  Something I’d like to correct going forward.  The people you surround yourself will will help the outcome tend to be better as well.  Your progress depends on advice, comments, and feedback from others.  Just don’t rely on them as much like a crutch and instead use their advice and make up  your own mind.

So once again, my posts are about me, but that’s part of my journey to development – a journey of self-discovery as well.  In fact, I like that line, I think I’m going to change my tagline for the blog.

Thanks for getting this far in my ramblings, please feel free to comment!