It’s all in the approach

Ever have one of those days?  Of course, everyone has them.  You get out of bed and say “ugh” automatically when you are coherent enough to know you’re awake and have that first thought of what you have to deal with.

Lately I’ve had about 90 of those in a row, and I’m convinced that a lot of it might be time mismanagement or making too many promises that land me in the deep end trying to get everyone everything they need.  That’s something you can solve and work on, but there’s another factor that I forget sometimes that I had an epiphany of sorts today.  It’s really obvious, but when  you’re neck deep in molten lava problems, it’s hard to see it sometimes.

How are you approaching the situation?  With despair, anger, depression, or feelings of doom?  At times, yeah.  I think the key for me is to be constant – read your notes, reminders, promises you made and make sure you’re keeping up with communication.  People will stop coming to you all at the same time (come on, you know they wait in a group to hit you at the once) if you’re proactive and let them know what’s going on instead of burying yourself in the sand or closing the door to your office.

Once you are doing better at communicating, look at what you’re agreeing to.  Can  you really do that, or is that something that can wait, or you can delegate?  Don’t automatically say yes unless you have an idea of your resources.

For resources, you need some way of tracking things.  Right now, a calendar book with the week on two pages is working for me.  Every time I get something, I look to see what I’m working on to see if I can or one of my team can accomplish it.  Once I agree to it, set in the dates for when  you talked, and what the expected finish is.  Get agreement on that and move forward.

I walked around ducking around corners because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone.  Be open and honest, and learn when you can and can’t say no.  When you get something, be sure to understand what the priorities are and set them so you can agree on it.  Once I started thinking about it, organizing more, and communicating better, my stress level came down and my confidence level went up.

Anyway, hope this ramble helps someone in the same situation.