Jack of All Trades

I’ve spend most of my career in IT, and I have always been frustrated by the fact that I am not a guru in anything specific.  I’ve done everything from 1st level tech support to managing a team of 6, so the breadth of my experience is pretty wide.  Actually, my daughter might say I’m a guru at making sushi, but she’s easy to please, and it’s fun 🙂  A little mango, bit of shrimp and cuke, she’s happy.

I realized that it’s because I am that person who goes at a problem with a scalpel and a sledgehammer and figures out how something works, or can fix it with little or no experience with something.

Case in point, we have an old app that was built by someone and it uses a different approach to setting things up, unlike most of the other apps.  It’s been about 2 years since I’ve done any app development in C#, but I took a whack at it.

We needed to get inside it and make some changes, and after some initial frustration trying to figure out how the project was set up, I was able to not only compile and run it, but make the changes that were needed and redeploy it.  It occurred to me that I am one of those people that’s pretty good at a lot of things, but my brain is geared to be able to problem solve.

And I realized that I was having a lot of fun doing it too.  I like unraveling knots to see what the real problem is and taking care of that while I’m at it.  Maybe this is a post to toot my own horn, but after the last few weeks, I deserve it 🙂