Just getting started – the tale of a son of a geek

“I want to be an engineer!”  Yeah, pretty proud hearing that starting in 7th grade from my son.  Very intellectual, spatially aware, saw a good future in it.

Until freshman Physics and Calculus in college jumped up and smacked the reality into him.  “Dad, i’m not sure if I’m cut out for this, and I’ve been working my ass off”.  He was very upset, but bolstered by the “At least you found out first semester freshman year, take some other electives this semester” talk from yours truly.

Long story short, he saw me playing with some SSIS and PowerBI stuff and after some discussions about what I do and have seen, decided to take a java class and another CS class and is really digging them.  He thinks he’d be good at programming, but said he liked the way my face lit up when I would talk about what I could do with excel sheets, and xml files, and SQL tables (oh my!).  He’s thinking of switching his focus to IT, with data in the focus.

Any advice?  Anyone in a similar situation or know a good path?  I found him curled up with my BI Cert guide the other day and I couldn’t be happier 🙂  Wondering if he should just start looking at Hadoop/NoSQL or start with basic MS stack stuff.  I have a server at home he can hit.