Lets start at the beginning – Exam 70-461

In order to do anything well, the foundations must be sound.  I teach a martial arts class and the first thing we teach is not kicking or punching, but how to stand.  How do you not only present a target, but what do you launch your attach from?  A shoddy front stance will ALWAYS make your forms look like garbage.

I thought the start of my journey would be to jump right back into things from where I was before I went into management.  One of the things I’ve noticed is that bad back end coding leads to crap visualizations or at least make you jump through hoop upon hoop to get it to the way you want it, and then once  you get that change in, you stand back slowly from it and hope it doesn’t explode.

I can write SQL.  I can write stored procs and triggers when I have to.  I’m good, but I’m not solid.  So after talking with a few smart people, I’ve decided to put some effort into studying and preparing for the SQL 461 exam.  I’d like to eventually move to the BI exam, but that’s too much to bite off right now and that kind of move usually spirals me back into World of Warcraft marathons.

I’m going to look for practice tests and other things online, but are there any things that you wish you’d done before hand or during your studying or right before the exam that I can take into this?

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  1. Preparing for the 461 test, I worked through examples of the syntax in SSMS. That was helpful for me. But I still failed it the first time :). Thankfully I was able to pass it the second time around.

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