My first SQL Sat

The plan is to take the train out of NYC to get to Boston on Saturday morning.  I’d love to get a room and stay Friday night, but its not in the budget so o’dark 30 train it is.

My plan is to somehow make it to the place I time to register and meet up with people and talk over coffee.

So who’s going, where is the best coffee nearby, and does anyone have any suggestions for me on my virgin event?  Looking for advice as well as that one thing you wish you knew for your first event….

A few people have expressed the fact that I should do some volunteering while I’m there.  I’m going to look at train schedules when I get home tonight, I’d like to try to maximize the time I can spend there and not get home too late.  I have a tournament for my daughter at Monmouth Univ on Sunday I’d like to go to and still be conscious for:)

I REALLY want to go to Jes B’s talk on Thursday, but alas, a code deployment is calling, have to stay local.

I’m a huge Red Sox fan, anyone know the fastest easiest cheapest way to Fenway?  Got an authentic Sox cap for my 40th that needs replacing.  Damn thing is about to walk away by itself;).

2 thoughts on “My first SQL Sat

  • Hey, I look forward to seeing you there. Doing the O-Dark-30 thing is no big deal for someone who isn’t speaking. I’ve done that many times before. Also, the volunteering is really important in my eyes. Also, the tasks normally don’t take more than 10-15 mins of your day, like refreshing the waters at the speaker podiums or refreshing the free book give-aways. Definitely recommended that you sign up to volunteer.

  • For your first one, I wouldn’t volunteer – just soak things in. There’s a lot going on. Volunteers don’t get to see as much of the event as the attendees.

    If you’re not loving a session, bail, and hit another one. Your time is valuable.

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