PassSummit First Timer – Day 2

Finally met some #SQLFamily!!!

Posted a tweet about where I was sitting waiting to meet someone and 2 minutes later up walks  to welcome me.  This is what it’s all about – reaching out and making people feel welcome.  She really epitomizes the concept of it too, really warm and nice, made me feel right at home immediately.  And in quick succession, introduces me to  and  and Paul Turley.  I’ve been following them all for a while on Twitter, but to finally meet them in person is really nice.

I usually don’t have 9 chins, I had to squat pretty low to get in the pic with these ladies.  I’m 6’2″, they are not 🙂

I think she introduced me to Allen mostly so I wouldn’t have to bend down so much to get the picture! 🙂

Got to talk with them for a few minutes and waited a bit longer.  Realized that I’d mixed up the info and didn’t realize I was tweeting back and forth with someone who wasn’t going to be there until that night, so I went in to get some food.  (By the way, if you have to worry about Gluten like I do, it’s so easy – they have everything labeled really well.  Tho I would like to request some gluten-free desserts.  I appreciate the fruit, but those brownies looked sooooo good.)

I took some advice I’ve been seeing people tweet about approaching first-timers, so I looked for someone sitting by themselves.  Found someone and sat and talked for a while with Lee from Portland, gave him my card too, so hopefully, he’ll see this and shoot me a message either here or on twitter!

Learned all about SSRS 2016/17 in Paul Turley’s precon, picked up a bunch of stuff I’m going to be able to apply as soon as I get back to the office on Monday that I’m excited to implement – Power BI and Mobile Reports.  Good session and got to meet Andy Yun for lunch (didn’t take a pic, I’m bummed) and met some more SQLFamily at Blue C Sushi – recommend it to anyone who wants the whole conveyor belt sushi experience.  I know, a bit lame, but I really liked it.  Plus, if you go, check out the ski jumpers on the widescreen, they’re hilarious.

After the second half of the SSRS session, I attended the First Timers meet and greet.  Definitely a cool opportunity to meet people who are new to the Summit experience.  Funny thing was, there were three other people from NJ, one dude from PA, and a girl from DE.  I did talk to a guy from MN, but otherwise, I felt like I was back in the Tri-state area 🙂  Great event, highly recommend it if you’re coming to Summit for the first time.

At this point, I was pretty spent – my clock is still wonky – but agreed to go to the Welcome Reception based on a few people I’d met during the Meet and Greet.  I think that these two events, more than anything is the thing that a lot of people miss at conventions like this.  The opportunity to network with people you’ve never met, and might end up making friends with or have common issues or anything along those lines.  Looking forward to tomorrow – keynote and multiple sessions all day.

One thing I’d also recommend – there’s a SQLBuddy program that you can sign up for.  They put a bunch of first timers together with someone who’s been here before so you know a few people before you get here.  We all exchanged emails for the few weeks before and after several missed opportunities, I finally met with Meryl, and then with the rest of my group at the reception.

Here’s me with my SQLBuddy Lance and SQLFlipFlopsDBA – (god I look weird in selfies).  Lance wasn’t wearing his cool ass monocle or using his Sherlock pipe!

Lessons learned:

  • Following things on twitter and Slack channels really help.
  • The amount of chatter on Twitter and Slack can also be really distracting :).
  • Take a pic of yourself and send it to people you’re going to meet for lunch or coffee.  Makes it a lot easier to find people if you know what they look like.  This is how I met Cathrine!
  • Don’t be afraid to approach someone and say hi, even if it’s a SQLebrity!  Still wanting to get a Twelfie with Brent O!
  • Get involved with the minor events and happenings, even if it’s just meeting for coffee during the breaks.

Places to eat:

  • Capitol Cider was the bomb!  100% gluten-free (except the beer),  had fish and chips for the first time in YEARS!
  • Wild Ginger was the place we went to multiple times when we were here in 2007 for the original Microsoft BI Conference in 2007.  It didn’t disappoint!  Show your Badge and I think they give 10%.  If you like spicy, get the wings!
  • I wanted to like Cafe Yumm, but the chicken I added to my bowl was dry and like jerky, not a fan.
  • Breakfast at Blueacre Seafood was really good, but I heard the Dungeness crab eggs benedict at Goldfinch was much better.
  • I’ll post more food stuff tomorrow.