PassSummit First Timer – Day 3

Wednesday was a busy day!  Keynote speaker and guests were all wonderful.  Needed to turn the AC on, but lots of really cool stuff.  Want to see the new SSMS studio, believe they said it’d be released fairly soon.  Looking forward to it looks pretty slick.

Some good sessions yesterday, some formal, some informal.  Getting a chance to talk to both Guys in a Cube was pretty cool.  They had a really great session.  I’ve been following a lot of people on twitter since I got into it, realizing that it was an excellent way to connect with an amazing community of like-minded people.  I’ve posted on websites and in groups, but I’ve never found such a responsive and supportive community as I have on Twitter.  Starting back in 2011, I realized that the #SQLHelp hashtag was going to save me time after time.  #SSISHelp also pulled my bacon out of the fire more than once and I’m so grateful to the people who have helped me over the years.  Not only with technical issues, but also with helpful support and advice about career moves, and just in general.

I’ve been inspired by people over the years, reading their blogs and following the links they post to broaden my knowledge in the field.  Finally meeting some of them at this conference has been an absolutely rewarding experience.  One of the things I’ve wanted to do since I came to my first BI conference, was to get up and speak.  To share what I’ve learned, maybe give someone a perspective that might be different or exactly like theirs.  I’ve gotten so much out of my interactions here, not just the sessions which have been excellent.  I’m getting so much out of the conversations I’m having with people between sessions, at the First Timer networking event and other planned things.

Finally getting to meet people I’ve been talking to online for years has made me realize just how much this community means to me.  Kevin Kline mentioned in his session on Pass Summit 2017 that this group of people is dedicated to sharing ideas and information and giving back through volunteering and speaking.  I can’t agree more, he and a few other speakers have inspired me to take steps to getting up and speaking.  Don’t know on what, and don’t know where, but I’m already working on a few submissions for topics at SQLSaturdays near me.  Even if I submit and don’t get to do it, it’s the step, it’s the desire and the action forward that gives me a feeling of satisfaction, that I’m proactive and not just sitting back and watching.

So I’m standing here before breakfast on Day 4, waiting for my boss and some others to go eat breakfast, with cold knees.  Women in Technology day is today, and as a show of support, there are a bunch of people who are wearing kilts.  Not sure about the others, but I can honestly say, “MY MOM MADE MINE!!!”, and I’m proud of it 🙂  Hopefully I can get a pic with a bunch of the others and post it in here.

If you’re reading this, and thinking if coming to Summit next year is a good idea, stop thinking and start planning on how you’re going to get here.  I’ve made so many amazing connections here, learned so much, and feel like I’m on fire to get back to the office and start planning on how we can implement what I’ve learned.

Follow me on twitter and look through the people I’m following.  There are some REALLY smart, helpful, wonderful people to connect with, way too many to list here.