PassSummit First Timer – Day 4

“Good morning girls and boys.  Today’s lesson is all about Volunteering and Making Connections.  Can you all say that with me now?”

Went to a lot of great sessions, especially at the end of the day for Effective Report Authoring Using Power BI Desktop with Miguel Llopis and Will Thompson.  Coined a new phrase in the session in relation to Natural Language Query – “Clicky Clicky, Asky Asky”.  Some seriously cool stuff to check out.

Aside from the content, I had the chance to meet SO many people here that I’ve been following forever and some for a few weeks and the welcome I’ve received from so many has been really wonderful.  I realized today that I love it here and I don’t want to give it up.  One of the ways I can help give back a fraction of the wonderful-ness I’ve been a part of is to get off my butt and start participating.  I’m helping out at a Game Night event tonight, but more than that, I want to speak.  I want to be one of the people up on stage encouraging others to learn and go outside their comfort zone and share what they know and are passionate about.

Do I know what I want to speak about?  No.  Do I have some ideas?  Yep, and some of them are only mildly ridiculous.

By contributing to an event like Pass Summit, or SQLSaturday, or a local user group, I can challenge myself to understand more and train myself in conveying what I’ve learned to others.  I’ve found that I really love teaching my Database class at the community college near me.  This would be a much more responsive audience!!!:)

I’ve made so many connections today…..That’s actually not true.  I’ve made so many connections through Twitter over the years, I’ve STRENGTHENED those connections by finally getting a chance to sit down and talk, to just shake hands, or even just get a hug while I’m running late to a session, or trading cards so we can meet after at an event or at a bite to eat.

If you’re thinking of coming to Pass Summit, do it.  Aside from the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained in a very short time, I’ve gained so much more in networking with people who are all really wonderful.

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  • had a great time getting to actually sit and chat with you last night…outside of Twitter or a session, no place to be. That doesnt happen much anymore these days!

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