PassSummit First Timer – Day 5

Woke up a little earlier than the rest of the week to meet some people for an early breakfast.  The sessions are at slightly different times since there’s no keynote, and there’s no session after the last one ends at 4:45.

Got to listen to Andy Leonard for a talk on BIML and SSIS, which truthfully I thought I’d be lost in, but everyone told me I had to attend at least one session with him.  I know ZIP about Biml, but even not knowing more than what it stands for, I was able to follow along with him and learned quite a bit.  His delivery is really excellent, you really want to check out anything he might be presenting.  Funny guy too – his accent took me back to being in college in Virginia if nothing else 🙂

Went to a great session on becoming the next Speaker that was really well presented by Eddie Wuerch.  Really great breakdown of how to prepare everything for your first time speaking.  Tips like how to prepare abstract to the most important thing – go to the bathroom 20 min before your slot! 🙂  Good tidbits that you wouldn’t have thought of.

Ended with an ETL best practices session that confirmed a bunch of stuff I’m already doing and picked up a few things that will definitely help.  If nothing else, it was validating in that some of the extra stuff I do regularly is helpful in the long run 🙂

All in all, a really satisfying, educational and successful networking event.  It was really great to put a face to a lot of the people I’ve been following for a long time on Twitter.

I’m going to put together another post to link each of the days, general thoughts, lessons learned and food recommendations section for me to refer to if/when I come next year.  Being able to come was amazing, but to have my boss come and really ‘get it’ as well was really rewarding.  My hope is that this was just the first trip in a long string of events I’m fortunate enough to attend.