March 27, 2019

Speaker Resources

  1. If you see a conference you want to speak at, put the deadline for submission into your calendar and set an alarm for several days before – Andy Yun
  2. “Get a clicker so you aren’t tied to the podium” – more speakers than I can count


Alex Yates’ tweet that inspired the site:

Professional Dev/writing section of

Angela Tidwell finds her voice

Chrissy LeMaire’s tips on speaking

Andy Yun’s handy list of new and novice speakers

SQLDBAWithABeard tells you straight – you’ll be nervous, but that’s good


starting a page for resources that I’ll update as much as possible.  In my goal to further my professional development, I’ve given real thought to submitting sessions to speak about at SQLSaturday events.  Speaking in front of people isn’t really a problem for me, speaking confidently and keeping on point is.  I’m the king of tangent surfing.  (how did we end up talking about World of Warcraft?  We were discussing the merits of good data modeling….).  Please comment with resources that you’ve found helpful.

I’ll start with some obvious ones.