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SQL Summit Post

August 28, 2017 SQL Pass SQL Summit 0

I’m creating a post that I will update as I go along.

I’ve gotten approval from my company to go for the whole week.  If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that sees the benefits in investing in their employees, be thankful 🙂

Got the room through the site for the week, we’re flying in Sunday & flying out Friday night (late).  Wife is coming with me and bringing her bestie so they’re going to go exploring while I’m at the conference.  We’re hoping to meet some friends for dinner and go to the airport afterwards.


  1. Look for discounts and sign up before they expire.
  2. Sign up for the First time attendee presentation by Denny Cherry & Assoc link is to the 2017 presentation.  I’ll update more once it takes place.
  3. Use Lyft or the train to get from the airport to downtown.  If you don’t have to rent a car, don’t.

Links to convince them it’s a great opportunity for you AND for them:




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