techie must haves

There are certain things  you can get for free, and certain things you can pay for.  One of the things I would like to pay for at some point, is Akismet, but in my fledgling state, the fact I have a kid starting college in 6 days (how is that possible), and I can barely afford other things, right now this isn’t something I can contribute to, though I really want to.

I’ve done several other things over the years when I could – I am a screenshot junkie, so when I found a tool I really liked – GreenShot – I dropped them 20$ or so.

So what do you have that you use on a regular basis that you would not be able to live without?  So far, I’m digging Tweetdeck, and Irfanview, and though I am using Trillian, I’m not super married to that as a group chat (suggestions?)

I have SQL Management Studio and Visual Studio (SSDT), and I do use TeamViewer to not only log into my home computer to do stuff, but also to help out parents, inlaws, friends and other relations without having to resort to “What do you see on your screen”.

What do you have that you couldn’t live without?