Turn it around – the art of seeing the lesson


Everything we do is an opportunity to learn something.  I thought I knew a lot more than I actually did, so when I was tested on it, I fell on my face.  So do  you let it get to  you and get defensive?  sometimes, but not now.

So I’ve decided to do research into the questions I fell short on – the small definite details on ssis tasks, and pivot queries.  I was asked to pivot a table in a sql query and I KNEW they were going to ask me that, but I didn’t look at it before I went in and I got burned on that and quite a few other things I thought I knew.

I’m going to put together a class for SQLSaturday on Pivot Queries.  How and what I’m going to explain, I’m not sure, but everything needs a starting point and I’ve been saying I’ve wanted to try it, so this will be my chance.  Hopefully I can come up with interesting things to talk about in Philly in June (if they accept the proposal).  If not, i’ll know a lot more about Pivot queries 🙂

Everything has a lesson you can learn if you look hard enough.