What are you DOING?!?

Trying to post regularly, and one thing I’d like to try to track is my progress.  So what  have I been doing?

Reading Now: Kimball Group – The Data Warehouse Toolkit
Planning Now: looking at PowerBI and trying to connect to a test database at work.  I want to try to put together a pilot project to show what it can do and why we need to utilize it.

Reading Next: Practice material for 70-461
Planning Next: Continue work on datawarehouse.  Create script written, populate script to be designed.

Mentally/Emotionally: A friend told me that dropping off my son would be tough and that I would experience a lot of emotions.  He wasn’t kidding.  He also said that it gets better each day, he was right, but I have to say it still sucks. 🙂

Physically: Always hot.  Seeing Endo about thyroid.  Still teaching TKD twice a week, but could use some extra.

Question of the week?  What motivates you physically?  What motivates you careerwise/intellectually?

4 thoughts on “What are you DOING?!?

  • You asked, “What motivates me physically?” I think it’s that I know how I feel when I am exercising regularly, training for a race, I’m strong, I’m lean, I’m sleeping well. I contrast that with how I feel if I’m not doing those things – tired, sluggish, irritable. I want to feel strong and sleep well, so I keep running.

    • I think I’ve become complacent and accepting of the tired, sluggish and irritable. As I get older (I’m 46), the aches and pains are the excuse I have been using to not go out and do the things I should be doing more of, not less. That and I hate exercising! 🙂
      Thanks, I’m going to think of you bouncing out of bed as I’m falling out, but at least getting out tomorrow AM 🙂

  • A while back some of us at PW took the Cash for Clunkers data from cars.gov and created a data warehouse, the ETL, a cube and reports as an internal training project. Great learning experience for everyone involved. Maybe you could do something like that in your quest to learn DW design? I’d be happy to review the work and provide recommendations if you wanted me to.

    • That’d be awesome man. I’m a big baseball fan, so I thought I might start with that. The PowerBI post you recommended where someone took Phillies data made me think about it. I’d like to try to see if I can come up with something work related too so I can possibly start doing more at my current job to help.

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