What do you look for?

Job seekers – what are you looking for in a company, team, manager, and career plan?

People interviewing – what are you looking for in employees as far as skillset, experience, and potential?

If you aren’t satisfied with what you do, or are convinced that  you should be doing something drastically different, how do you switch gears and succeed?  Take me for instance.  I’m the manager of a development team, working with a process that deploys monthly to multiple clients and play firefighter more often than I’d like.  I’d like to get back into BI development, but I need to operate on a high skill level to make sure I can still eat, keep my house, and put my son through college.  How do you glean the knowledge and expertise to make the move without taking a huge paycut?

In IT, it seems to be a lot easier to move laterally or go into a different line of business because of the amount of resources available – it’s really a question of finding the right ones.  What if you’re a teacher and want to get into IT or an IT person and want to get into teaching?  Is it feasible to take the huge pay cut or jump industries when you don’t have the experience and just suck it up?

What do you think?