What to blog about?

I’ve been trying to be good about blogging once a week, and so far so good.  I’d like to add that I’m in the process of nailing down a nasty case of ADD and trying not to get distracted by every little thing, so I guess I realized what I’m going to blog about.

Distractions.  I’ve always been knocked around by trying to do 500 things at once.  The shiny tech, the new toy, the awesome game: any and everything that catches my attention or fancy.  I really didn’t realize it was an issue until it kept happening time after time, and I started seeing someone about the helpless spinning of wheels I was feeling.

So how do you keep on track?  I tried online tools, but they were mostly the same and I jumped from one to the other getting frustrated with this or that or just wanting to try something new.  In talking to a therapist about it, people with ADD need more structure than most people do, it keeps things concrete and in your face so that you can feel the satisfaction of crossing something off while at the same time not wrestle with keeping 20 things in the air at the same time.  I was great about assigning tasks, but crap at checking up and making sure timelines were being met.

I got a calendar that I carry around.  Before I would use one notebook and put boxes next to action items that I would then check off when I finished.  Problem is, if you don’t check them all off before you turn the page, the tendency is that they will not get done.  So now my notebook is for notes at meetings and the weekly calendar is not only to remind me to do my stuff, but also to remind me when I  have asked for things from other people so I can follow up with them.

How do you do it?