What to do when you grow up?

So how/when did you know what you wanted to do?  Some people are lucky enough to wander into something that challenges them mentally/emotionally/physically that they jump out of bed in the morning and can’t wait to get to work.

How did you know when you were ‘there’, or is it something else?

It just occurred to me that if you spend all your time looking for the perfect location/job/spot, you won’t learn anything along the way because you’re focused on the golden ring all the time instead of the experiences  you have to get there.

‘The journey is the experience, the result is secondary’ is one quote.  Maybe that’s the thing – don’t look for one specific thing as the end or the success point.  Look to do something worthwhile and challenging every day.  A friend just reminded me that attitude is everything, and if you approach a situation, regardless of the type, with the right attitude, you will come out the other side much better.

I look around at all of these people I admire in the field and wish that I could be them.  Stop wishing and start doing – even if you take a circuitous route to get where you’re driving, it’s still moving.  Sitting in a place, complaining about how everything is wrong won’t get you out of there.  Well, it might if you jump to another job, but you are the same  you, so if similar events happen in the new path, you’re still handling things the same way.

Attitude – you can’t control everything, but at least you can control how you handle and approach things.