What was your path to SQLFamily?

So how did you find your way to where you are?  Are you an accidental DBA who now loves it?  Are you the IT Director who dabbles a little, but you started as a help desk person?  Or are you a BI Developer now and were writing copy for a magazine 5 years ago?

I’m always curious as to how people get into BI and database related development.  A friend of mine was a double Major at Rice University in French and Philosophy and is now a Venture Capitalist specializing in building BI solutions.  Me?  I got my degree in accounting and decided after doing bank reconciliations for 6 months, that I would either get a new profession or move to Madagascar and open a dive shop.  (Yes, I still want to open the shop, but maybe when I retire).

I was fixing the computers in the accounting department – defragging, installing new software, showing people how to do excel macros, when I got called into the IT director’s office.  He was pissed and started firing questions at me in what I didn’t realize was actually an interview for a 2nd level tech support position in IT.  Jumped at the chance, did regular help desk, 3rd level support for a Lotus Notes networking company (I know), moved into java and vb development, dove into SQL for an analysis position, got a dev job with C# and SQL, then onto BI when I saw what SSIS and SSRS could do, until Voila, I am an IT manager.

And I’m ready to get pulled into another Directors office and told that I HAVE to go into BI 🙂  Well, not going to wait for it – i’m building a small DW with some reports that will hopefully branch out into PowerBI and other parts that could lead me back into BI Dev full time.

How did you do it, and how would you suggest to someone if they’re trying to get into SQL Dev/DBA work?