What’s in your workspace?

“The mark of an ordered mind is an ordered desk” – Someone


So if that’s true, I’m kinda hosed.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m doing more work at home than I am at work, at least for SQL/BI things, and I want to clean things up.  Besides getting rid of the bills/paper, Jango Fett (he’s being relocated based on the design, not being thrown out) plus scattered geeky detritus, and other things that have been shoved in my desk when company shows up, I was thinking of a redesign.

That got me thinking – what works for you?  Not only what you use (laptop, desktop + multi monitors), but how you have it set up.

The cabinet I have is solid wood, heavy as hell, and limited in space.  I have a condo, so I don’t have a room I can close off or shut the door on.  I would do stuff in my bedroom, but NJ Housewives is distracting and my wife can’t do without her reality shows.  The cabinet itself has a pull out shelf that has the keyboard and mouse on, which seems to work.

I do have a laptop, but it’s a mac, and SQL isn’t as easy on it, or I haven’t given it enough of a chance.  I utilize Team Viewer to hit my server, which while not humongous, is fast enough to handle SSIS and SSAS for now.

So my plan for now, is to pull everything out, sort through the paperwork, ditch the inbox/trays on the right and spread the monitors out a little.  Ideally, it would probably be easier to get one large monitor, but I’m trying to pay down some debt so I don’t have a budget line for that (yet).  It would probably help if I also found a way to plug in my laptop from work, and my mac as well.  In fact, I still have some old Mac Mini’s I might be able to utilize for things as well.  I’m going to hook up speakers and have headphones (at least until my kids steal them after they break their n-th pair).

I guess this is just a way to see how other people do their work.  I believe that your environment absolutely affects your progress and I want to try to increase my potential.