Who is this guy?

While trying to move back from mgmt to dev, I don’t want all of my posts to be about SQL stuff.  I’m also a sushi enthusiast.  Yeah, all of the japanese stuff on my twitter feed wasn’t a giveaway, right?

A few years ago my wife and daughter gave me a starter sushi set so my (then) 10 yr old and I could make sushi.  After experimenting and lots of failing, I’ve gotten to the point where I can make about 10-15 rolls in about an hour and a half.

Few suggestions if you get started:

  • be patient and learn from mistakes
  • don’t be afraid of mistakes
  • have a really sharp knife
  • be careful with said knife – 3 trips to the emergency room and 10 stitches in total
  • get diagnosed with ADD beFORE you start playing with said sharp knife
  • have fun!

Pics from my latest venture…

IMG_20150822_201528668IMG_20150822_201542697IMG_20150822_203514999 IMG_20150822_203522961