You aren’t trapped or helpless

this is an addition to my original post –

A lot of people stay at jobs because ‘it pays the bills’ or ‘no one else will hire me’.  Truth is, the job market is good enough that you don’t have to settle in and wait for something to come along, you can go out and get something – IF, you’re willing to do the work.

Things don’t come easy, and they aren’t free.  When I realized that I wanted to develop fulltime and get away from management, I felt like I had trapped myself.  My development skills weren’t as sharp, and I had been working on simple SQL stuff rather than the complicated, mind bending things I had been used to as a developer.  Yes, there was a time that I could make an integration package do just about anything.

If you want to get out of where you are, don’t wish, don’t put it all on a recruiter or another company.  Remember, the grass isn’t always greener.  See what you can affect and change in your current position and try to make a change that way.  If that’s not getting you what you need, maybe it’s time to sharpen up your skills.  Before you decide what to delve into, look at your career and examine what you liked and didn’t like about your past jobs.  Or even better, if you have a particular position or company in mind, use that as a guide as to what to look into.

I knew I didn’t want to be a manager anymore, that I wanted to do SSIS more or at least some form of integration/migration, and thought it was time for me to move to a bigger corp environment.  So I found a way to do some small project work that turned into a huge thing we implemented and was off to the races.  Soon after that, with some adjustments to my resume, I was out in the market, more confident in myself, my skills, and what I was looking for.  I think the last part was key – before I had been going on interviews that matched the salaried and got smoked on the technical interviews because they were doing much more than I had been or was capable of.

Be realistic, know yourself, and don’t give up.